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What is The Foureva Movement?

The Movement is an ongoing Membership that provides access to:

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This access will help you grow your career, stay on top of bleeding-edge trends, become a talent magnet and propel diversity.

The Movement Mission


So everyone can thrive with opportunity.

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Access to Exclusive Events

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The Foureva Movement Membership

$14.99 /monthly

Business and Community Focused

What you'll get:

➕ Access to a Community Channel of like-minded people to collaborate and grow with one another.

➕ After two months of support, you will receive a swag pack right to your door!

➕ Listed on our Foureva Podcast content as a supporter!

➕ As a member, you get exclusive uploaded educational content about recruitment, Diversity & Inclusion, fireside chats of leaders, business, and employee engagement!

➕ Perks for ticketed major events, discounted Foureva Media merch, and more!

➕ Access to Exclusive Monthly Events

➕ Get surprise rewards the longer you are supporting the movement!

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Video Courses

Learn how to reach Diverse Communities with Style

This mini-course is packed with insight and action you can use to move the needle forward!

*Courses like these are included for FREE with membership! (Price only applies to non-members) 

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Change your Circle; Change your Life


This book is all about the current circle you are in that effects your everyday decisions.

Also how do you get into other circles to change the outcome of your life.

It is 50% Mindset - 50% Action.

Full of business and personal stories! Packed with real content to apply to your life.

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